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To be fully prepared for summer a Kikoy needs to be top of the list! Fast becoming the new thing in beach wear, a Kikoy is now certainly a staple in any intrepid traveller’s belongings! Not only are Kikoys decorative and stylish, they are robust and enduring, surviving all sorts of adventures and proving invaluable in the process.

Easy to team up with tee shirts and bikinis, Kikoys are 100% cotton and just the ticket for travel. Worn as a simple wrapped skirt when the weather is warm, worn as a wrap around the shoulders when that summer evening is not quite so warm, fantastically bright colours dyed with colourfast dyes, a Kikoy makes the day, and night, special!

beach wear, beacwear summer wear, travel wearA visit to this page gives an outline of how to use your Kikoy in more than one way, in fact fifty are listed and a challenge to send in more! Long since recognised in East Africa as the answer to a wrap, sarong, turban, beach wear, beach towel, skirt, Kikoys are gaining an international reputation as an item of clothing/equipment, that defies categorising!

Kikoys originate from East Africa, along the coast which is home to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the vibrant colours of lush and tropical vegetation. It is not unusual to find such easy to wear items in hot climes; travellers have long adopted these well worn and time tested garments. Taking the Kikoy from it’s roots and putting it onto the catwalks of Europe, The Kikoy Company have met with enormous approval, the happy band of international Kikoy fans are delighted to be able to obtain Kikoys nearer to home and to introduce friends and family to them.

The Kikoy Company are constantly updating the colours, using old fashioned and traditional designs and amending them to incorporate the modern dyes that they use, or using fresh and original designs, for instance the ‘rainbow’ stripes which have proved immensely popular. This shows the enterprise of the company taking a traditional garment and incorporating the trends of today.

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