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Customer Feedback

We welcome your comments, and we are always interested to hear feedback about your experience at The Kikoy Co. If you'd like send us your pictures and comments please drop us a line.

Name: Katie (Bournemouth, UK)

Comment: Another idea to add to the 50 uses of a kikoy......for filtering water through! whilst away traveling I had to do it and it was defiantly more appealing that using a sock!!

Name: Claire (West Yorkshie, UK)

Comment: 51st way to use a kikoy - Doggie Hammock. My terrier (Cracker) uses my Kikoy as a doggie hammock, summer or winter, tied between radiator and windowsill, or tree and shed!

Name: Jacqui (Kent, UK)

Comment: Wow, that was quick! I ordered on Wed and my Kikoy arrived Thursday. Great service.
We came back to UK from serving 7 years in Kenya, 30 years ago and my husband bought back half a dozen Kikoys which he digs out each summer. A couple are at last wearing thru, and I didn't want him scaring the neighbours so I thought I\'d treat him to a new one.
Thanks very much for the prompt service, shall be using you again.

Name: Bianca

Comment: Your website is amazing. I have 10 kikoys and use them for different things. I've introduced this website to many people! KEEP IT UP!

Name: Kay (London)

Comment: I canít thank you enough for making this so easy and my daughter will be so excited to hear its in the post. Thank you again and hope you have a good year,

Name: John (Kenya)

Comment: I think you guyz are fantastic and the whole idea of enriching the Kenyan culture is great.

Name: Annlouise (Kent, UK)

Comment: A new and original way to wear a kikoy! ........ A halter neck dress! Hold kikoy outstretched behind you and then bring to front. Switch over corners at the front. Bring thee ends to behind your neck and tie or pin with an elaborate broach!

Name: Kathrin (Canada)

Comment: I just wanted to say that as a former in Kenya-living-person I just love your KIKOYS!!!I already have 6 of them and can't get enough! I just use them for everything!

Name: Fen (Warks, UK)

Comment: Ordered a bikini for my daughter late yesterday, it arrived this morning! Amazing! It is a gorgeous colour and excellent quality, well done.

Name: Emma (UK)

Comment: I wanted to drop you a line to say how wonderful my Maradadi trousers are! Really comfortable and perfect during the recent hot weather.

Name: Madeleine

Comment: Kikoy Scarves
Having been born in Kenya and having lived there my whole life I'm quite the kikoy fan. Now that I'm studying in Holland and the sun doesn't come out quite as often as we'd like it to, I'm really happy with the new kikoi fleece creation!! It's warm, it's comfortable and it even looks good on snowmen!

Name: Charlotte

Comment: I have received my order this morning and wanted to thank you for your efficiency. The clothes and wraps are just great, my 4 year old daughter especially likes her, even wearing it in the rain!

Name: Gill

Comment: My order - a pair of Dhow trousers - was delivered today - THANK YOU! They are absolutely amazing, very comfortable, beautiful, bright, tactile fabric... I could go on.... Actually, I will go on. I wasn't sure how wraparound trousers would function, but they do! The cut is very flattering and - and this is important - the size is ample.
I'm about a size 16, but with a waist measurement that thinks it's a hip measurement. Because of this, I sometimes have trouble with waist measurements etc. Now, I know there are shedloads of women out there with similar problems/needing larger sizes and I think it might be a good idea if somewhere on your website you were able to say how generous these particular trousers are. Basically, anyone up to a size 20 would probably be okay - my actual waist is 35". But I'm working on it, and the great thing is, I know the trousers will still fit me as I decrease.

Best of all, though, is that they've arrived in time for my holiday. Many thanks from a very, very, happy bunny!

Name: DeAnne (UK)

Comment: Your delivery was scarily fast - ordered 3pm friday, delivered Saturday morning!!!! - fantastic. The kikoys are gorgeous, I did think they would be like the "sarongs" that are on the high street, but they are far, far superior, I want to keep it with me all the time, like a security blanket!!!!

Name: Sally (UK)

Comment: Just to say how thrilled I have been with by Kikoy and buckle whilst on holiday - the best item I took with me! Please keep me on your mailing list - e-mail list.

Name: Christina (UK)

Comment: Just wanted to say thank you for the speedy service received. Order to delivery in 2 days exceptional! Love the shorts!

Name: Sophie (Singapore)

Comment: Sophie lives in Singapore and has loved Kikoys since she was very young and living in Kenya and was delighted to find her childhood friend is available on the website! Sophie pictured here returning from a grueling Duke of Edinburgh award scheme with comfort Kikoy!

Name: Jane United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Comment: "Fantastic service, my Kikoy arrived this morning 2 days after ordering. Handwritten note too. Many thanks to Emily! Your website doesn't do the colours justice! The word will be spread - thanks heaps!"

Name: erikrabbit United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Comment: "love the kikoy, wear it all the time, and it makes a great bed sheet in hot weather. The more i use it the better it gets."

Name: Peta (Jersey, Channel Islands)

Comment: "Just a short note to say how impressed I am with delivery, I ordered 2 Moto Moto skirts on 15th May - they were at home on 16th!"

Name: Brian (Kenya)

Comment: "I love your clothing!"

Name: Steve & Cherrie (Great Britain)

Comment: Steve and Cherrie sent us this photo of them and their Kikoys on the beach!

Name: Caro (UK)

Comment: "Saw you in the paper. Love the website and the colours and the way you run your business. Have bought one! Good luck."

Name: Alison (UK)

Comment: "Lovely website - truly addictive."

Name: Ingrid (Belgium)

Comment: "I'm a real fan of your products!!!"

Name: Magdalene (Kenya)

Comment: "you are doing an excellent job."

Name: Steve

Comment: Steve wearing his Kikoy in the sea !!

Name: Pia (England)

Comment: "Where is the nearest outlet to Leeds please? your kikoys are so lovely!"

Name: Jo (Kingdom of Bahrain)

Comment: "Just to say thank you for sending me my trousers so swiftly. Your customer service is top rate, I very much appreciated one of your employees calling me to inform me of a delay in shipment, especially as I am a long distance call away! I am also very impressed with your fair shipment costs. Most company seem to charge a totally over the top amount which puts me and many others off buying mail order. Congratulations."

Name: Beth (NYC - USA)

Comment: "FYI ... It's the first warm night of the summer and I am about to go to sleep wearing a kikoy. I love them.
Signed a very happy customer."

Name: Ingrid (Belgium)

Comment: "I really want to thank you for the nice surprise I found in my postbus. The very nice bag of coffee and the cap are really very very beautiful and I am very happy with it. (Sorry but I am not very good in writing in English) Yesterday I bought another pare of kikoy toto and kids....thy are SO SO sooooooo beautiful.. My dream is to have the whole collection off Kikoy !!!! Thanks for your nice attentions I really appreciate it."

Name: Beatrice Wambui Mwangi (Kenya)

Comment: "You are the best."

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