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New Beach Towel Colours Added
We have added 10 beautiful new beach towel colours, hurry limited stock available.

Kenya's Recent Unrest 08.02.2008
As many of you will know, we have had a terrible political crisis in Kenya for the past four weeks, we are hoping that the deadlock and resulting terrifying and tragic violence that has occurred will soon abate. The Kikoy Company have had to close our operation on several occasions to protect our staff. We do not discriminate between tribes and believe all Kenyans are one, we are doing our best to provide safe and reliable transport, we have provided means and assistance to anybody who has had to resettle and we are attempting to keep a semblance of normality in our lives which helps our workforce to continue from day to day with the hope that all will be resolved amicably and peacefully very soon. We are able to distribute help and will continue to do so to those in our community who need assistance, we all hope and dream for a united Kenya and a return to our peaceful and beautiful nation.

New Kikoy Workshop 12.06.2007
The Kikoy Co in Kenya have moved the workshop including the whole team to a brand new location just north of Nairobi. Situated on 8 acres of forest with a visiting troop of the rate Colobus monkey, and many different species of birds. This new situation provides a wonderful workspace, light and airy with much more space. We are all delighted with the amount of space and of course this increases our output immensely. A fabulous new development for the continual growth of The Kikoy Co.

Material Girl Wears Kikoy! 12.06.2007
Guess who was recently snapped looking very stylish in a Kikoy! Yes, the material girl is into Kikoys, what could be a better endorsement than Madonna looking good in our classic Kikoy, Diani Black is her choice!

Kikoy Self-help Group Grows 11.06.2007
The self-help group that The Kikoy Company started at the very beginning have prospered and grown. The original group was only a few women, we now have more than thirty in our original group and we have started a new group in a different rural district. This is in an effort to spread the opportunity that piece work can offer to women who have no other means of earning a living.

Kikoy goes Green 11.06.2007
At the Kikoy workshops we are re-planting a part of an indigenous forest to encourage the troop of Colobus monkeys that sometimes visit to spend more time with us. The indigenous trees that these monkeys thrive on are becoming more and more scarce thus jeopardising the monkeys as a whole. There is one small troop that visit regularly and can be seen shyly peeping out from the trees as they feed.

Spice Island is location of new Kikoy store 11.06.2007
In the historic part of Zanzibar known as Stone Town, an area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Kikoy have opened a new store. Popular with tourists for the colourful history, Zanzibar is also known as Spice Island after the days of spice trading from the island.

Colour your Summer! 11.06.2007
The newest stripes for 2007 are proving to be a huge hit, as ever gorgeous colours with fabulous contrasts, no doubt the hottest Kikoys this summer!

Sarong With Soul 11.06.2007
The fabulous classic Kikoy from The Kikoy Company was suitably described by Vogue as a 'sarong with soul' and we couldn't agree more, there are many wraps on sale, but nothing is more charismatic than a Kikoy!

Debut Television Appearance For Kikoy! 09.09.2005
The well known reality TV series "Big Brother" used Kikoys for the 2005 series of the show, both for the contestants to wear and for dressing up the house. The Kikoys were a new addition to this dramatic live show and definitely brightened up the day for contestants and viewers alike on the occassions they were used for various "tasks". An unusual debut television appearance for Kikoy, nevertheless most entertaining!!

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